How to Assign Traffic to Different WAN Based on Time

This document describes how to make all Internet traffic to go through WAN1 on weekdays and WAN2 on weekends. The configuration can be customized according to users’ actual requirements.
1. a UTT Business Router (hereinafter shorted as “the Router"), such as UTT router N518W, AC750W, AC750GW, AC1220GW, ER518, ER840G and ER4240G. Firmware Version: 3.0.0 or above
2. a PC/laptop connected to the Router, either through its LAN port or wireless network
1. Open a browser. Log into the Web UI of the UTT Business Router (default IP address, username: admin, password: admin).
2. Go to Network > WAN to confirm both WAN lines are connected properly.
3. Go to Network > Routing > Policy Routing and click Add to create a new rule.
4. Check Enable. Configure a name for this rule. Select WAN1 in Interface. Select User Group – All Users in Source IP, in Destination IP and all in Protocol, then add schedule.
5. Check all the Weekdays (from Monday to Friday) in Schedule Settings. Then click Save.
6. Select schedule Weekdays and Save configuration.
7. Configure the WAN2 in a similar way but select WAN2 in Interface.
8. Check Saturday and Sunday in Schedule Settings.
9. Check Enable policy routing.
This configuration is highly helpful for utilizing multiple traffic-based or time-based ISP services on a UTT load balancing router.