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Rejuvenating a country through science and education is an important strategy for sustainable and rapid development. Therefore, countries have already paid attention to education informationization, especially the informationization of colleges. Primary schools and middle schools, as the base of education, however, receive less attention and need informationization most.

Network Requirements for Primary and Middle Schools

Systematic Management

Network makes students possible to learn through Internet. However, all students have strong sense of curiosity, which will probably lead them to hacker programs and viruses, or even put hacker on a pedestal. They are also used to downloading files through P2P, which will greatly affect the network.

Management and Monitor

By monitoring the network through a device, an administrator can supervise students' behaviors on the Internet and guide them to surf the Internet in the right way.

Large Traffic

The backbone bandwidth of CERNET is rather large and the bandwidth it offers to schools (usually above 100Mbps) is much higher than any one ISP offers. High bandwidth means a high throughput device is required, sometimes even wire-speed network device.

Complexity of Multiple Internet Connections

Generally, the education department and some schools are connected to the CERNET. Because of the small bandwidth between CERNET and ISP, the education department will usually apply to ISP for another connection. The traffic flows to different connections will be automatically recognized by the interface.

Typical Solution for School

In many cities, the networks of some schools are connected to the education department and the education department is connected to CERNET while other schools are directly connected to an ISP. Considering the price, most schools only apply for one Internet connection.

In addition to the CERNET connection, the education department will also apply to a local ISP for another Internet connection. The education department will release teaching information and share multimedia education software on its website.

If the only connection of school is to the education department, the connection speed to the Internet will be very slow, or the users even cannot access to the Internet. While the Internet connection is to ISP, the connection speed to CERNET will be very slow.

In light of the above problems, UTT Technologies provides a simple and efficient solution without applying more Internet connections. The following example will illustrate the solution.

The local education department applies to the ISP for optical fiber connection and obtains some public addresses. School A connects to the education department through optical fiber connection and School B applies to local ISP for optical fiber connection (6M) and obtains a public address.

School A can access to the education department with high speed and connect to the Internet slowly, while school B is just on the opposite. How to increase the overall speed of School A and School B?

UTT Technologies provides the following solution:

Shown in Topology Diagram, UTT 4840G is used as the VPN gateway in education department. WAN 1 port of 4840G is connected to ISP, LAN port is connected to the Intranet and WAN 2/DMZ port is connected to CERNET. HiPER 811 will be a good choice for School B to connect to ISP. A VPN tunnel could be established on the router to connect to the education department.


Shown as the diagram, all the data of School B whose destination is education department or other schools will go through the WAN port of UTT 4840G by VPN tunnel then be transmitted to the Intranet of education department. Because UTT 4840G and HiPER 811 are connected to the same ISP, all the data on HiPER 811 whose destination is the education department will be transmitted through the VPN tunnel with high speed.

On UTT 4840G, both the WAN and WAN2/DMZ ports are activated. Users can access to the CERNET through CERNET connection and connect to the Internet through ISP connection. The server for releasing information to other cities can use the public address from CERNET. UTT 4840G supports hybrid mode of NAT and route.

Network Topology Diagram of School

Features of the solution

The solution can solve the interconnection problem in a professional and simple way. Each school just needs to apply for one connection that can access both Internet and education department. What's more, if two schools use two different connections such as fiber to ISP and fiber to education department, the interconnection between the two schools can also be realized.

The monitor function can examine the internal computer to see whether or not it is infected with a Worm. Blaster when the network is abnormal. It offers a simple examine measure of the network management.

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